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Sign Up for a Dog Training Program

Sorry Enrollment Calls are no longer available :(

Sign up for a free 10 minute phone chat to talk about signing up for a program or specific questions about programs. This is a great way to get started with your training. For conversations and multiple questions more complex to talk about your dog's history and behavior please sign up for the evaluation.

Sorry Evaluations are no longer available :(

Evaluations take place at our dog training facility in Milton and is a 30 minute consultation. I'd love to meet you and your dog and answer all your questions and give you my assessment of your dog. We will also go over which package would be best suited to help you reach your goals in training, what the training will involve, how much time spent training, methods, costs and the results you can achieve.

Sorry we are no longer offering a
2hr Lesson

The 2hr lesson is at our facility in Milton, VT. You'll immediately get started on your first lesson right away with our online videos to start our signature Doggie Meditation Method.

This is great for clients unsure if they want to continue with with additional lessons.

Ready to sign up for a single lesson, a program or want to come in to meet Rhonda?


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