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About Your Dog Trainer

Hi, I'm Rhonda. I've been dog training in the Burlington area and beyond since 2007.  If you've been searching for the perfect dog trainer for you and your dog, let's see if we're a match!

Rhonda Bilodeau Dog Trainer Vermont

Are you....

  • Looking for someone to take you beyond obedience training?

  • Ready to resolve the root cause of your dog's behavioral issues?

  • Ready to take a look at how your feelings contribute to the unease in the relationship with your dog?

  • Looking for reliable dog training on and off-leash?

  • In need for advanced dog or puppy socialization programs to boost your dog's confidence?

  • Open to alternative dog training methods like reiki, animal communication and energy work to support your dog in releasing trauma?

Do you...

  • Need just as much support as your dog?

  • Struggle with a dog who has extreme behaviors due to stress and trauma and you want a training style that gets to the root cause of their issue?

  • Like to have fun while you train?

If you said YES to these questions, we're an incredible match!

Dog Training Method


Early in my career my focus was on advanced off-leash and on-leash dog obedience through e-collar training. I then realized advanced obedience was not the solution for the majority of my client's dogs who struggled with fear, anxiety and hyperactivity. I then focused my education on behavior modification to help dogs learn to feel good about their environment using information, classical and counter conditioning with food. Still, this was limiting. Recently, my focus is on supporting a dog's mindset, supporting the dog in releasing their trauma, regulating the nervous system, focusing on emotions & spirit and helping to heal the heart centered connection between human and dog to realize their purpose together. This has been the most success I've had thus far and I continue to seek out and implement alternatives that focus on healing the dog's trauma on an energetic and soul level.


About Dog Training & Human Training Certifications  

I am Certified Professional Dog Trainer, NLP Life Coach & Hypnotist, Timeline Trauma-Release Specialist, Emotion Code Practitioner, Level 1 Reiki Practitioner and am completing my Crossfields Institute Level 3 Diploma In Mindfulness For People With Their Animals: Trust Technique Practitioner (learn more here). The Trust Technique teaches clients to listen to their animals better and help their animal find peace through the present moment. I focus most of my dog training on relaxation, healthy boundaries and mindset for both dog and human. I primarily use the Training Between the Ears System in my lessons. TBTE's primary objective is to "remove conflict from relationships and training, and to the greatest degree possible not just change the external behavior of the dog but actually change the internal states and perspectives of the dog that drive problem behaviors" - Mark McCabe. Learn more about TBTE here. If there's one thing I've learned in dog training, it's that less is more. I want to share with you how listening to your dog, learning their wisdom and feeling their guidance are the keys to your happiness together.


My partner and I also help other dog enthusiasts start their dream careers hiking and training dogs through our online course called My Dog Camp (learn more here). You can also find us supporting rescue dog owners through our online course Happy Rescue Dogs (learn more here). We aspire for Happy Rescue Dogs to be the go-to online course to help struggling rescue dog parents while also having the benefit of supporting rescue organizations financially through our generous compensation plan.

What I've Been Up To

In 2021 I was called to drop everything I was doing and shift my focus on how the divine feminine can help dog parents, dog lovers and the field of dog training. So, I created a podcast called The Divine Feminine Dog Trainer Podcast. I explore how embracing the divine feminine energy and healing the masculine and feminine in us can help create a deep spiritual healing within us and our dogs. In 2022 my partner and I with our 2 dogs relocated to Costa Rica. We love it in Costa Rica and has been a great place to start the podcast! I hope you'll give it a listen and that you enjoy it!


I believe my mission this lifetime is to awaken and help restore the divine feminine on the planet alongside our dogs. This awakening of the divine feminine will bring us closer to our true nature and bring so much healing, joy and love to the planet. Together we're helping to educate others on a more harmonious and connected way to train, live and be with dogs. Our ultimate goal is to bring humans back home to themselves.


Thanks for reading! Reach out if you have any question :) 


In gratitude,


🙏🏽 Rhonda


“Mason barked at people whenever they were within 5 feet of us and soon it got so bad we couldn’t walk down the street if someone was on the other side of it. He would bark, growl, lunge and try to attack them. He was also horrible around dogs, when on leash he would lose his mind if he saw another dog. I went through some other training with Mason, primarily using treats to create distractions for him and show him that other people and dogs brought good things but that did nothing to help us and the longer the problems went on the worse it became.

Going into training I just wanted Mason to be reliable off leash and to be able to walk calmly by other dogs and people without me having to worry too much. My expectations were blown out of the water, I can now take him wherever I go and I don’t have to worry. He will sit calmly in public places and is even to preform down stay’s when there are a million things going on around us. I can now enjoy my time with Mason and he is finally a calm, happy and confident dog.”



“Lindy couldn’t walk without barking and freaking out. Things inside were becoming more stressful with her chasing my cat and having no control over her. I started working with a trainer, along with obedience class, but little progress was made and new issues developed. Finally, the trainer suggested I talk with my vet about anti-anxiety medications.

The training and transformation of Lindy has been incredible. My stress level is practically zero, where as prior to meeting her I was crying daily. The first few weeks of training were hard, and Rhonda recognized that and gave me the support throughout that time. At one point, I was ready to give up and find a new home for Lindy, but she texted “I’ll be at your house at 8am” for an emergency session. That session was a turning point. Lindy blossomed after that lesson and I became a calmer and more confident owner. My cat came out of hiding, Lindy respects her and leaves her alone, and we can all hang out together! Lindy is much more comfortable with other dogs and is getting better every day. I would recommend Rhonda in a heartbeat, and my advise to any struggling dog owner is don’t hesitate to call her. Don’t wait. She really did change my life. My relationship with Lindy changed and I’m so in love with my dog. I’m so grateful.”


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