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Relaxation & Mindset Training

Most adult dogs or puppies don't just struggle with dogs, they struggle with confidence, fear and intense anxiety and hyperactivity. When you focus on teaching relaxation as a skill, resetting the dog's parasympathetic nervous system and build confidence through feelings of safety in their environment and relationships. Only then can you create a strong enough foundation to be able to start working around dogs.


Boundary Training

Teaching dogs and puppies boundary training is essential to having a positive socialization outcome. Boundaries help slow down pushy dogs so they can read another dog, teaching them their native language again. And boundaries teach shy or fearful dogs that their calming signals work to move other dogs away, preventing them from any increase in aggression and building back trust in socializing with other dogs again.


Dog Socialization Group Class

Our dog and puppy socialization classes are a place for YOU to learn how to properly socialize your pushy or fearful dog. You'll join my other clients all on board with the same training for a safe socialization experience. We go at the dog's pace always! Mutt Mixers are 10-11am on Sundays. We also have a Puppy Pre-School Day Training option for puppies.


Advanced Off-leash Training & Socialization

Once dogs and puppies are more confdient with other dogs at the group classes they are good candidates for advanced off-leash training and socializing. We use e-collars as a way to guarantee off-leash recall so dogs can lead fulfilling free lives off-leash. It's also a way to continue to create boundaries we've been teaching the dogs around other dogs and enhance our rewards based training and relaxation training outside for a calm, reliable and safe dog off-leash. Learn more about our off-leash training here.

Dog / Puppy Socialization

Dog and puppy socialization training is a process to help dogs feel confident, safe and learn their native language again. This process requires multiple lessons and a knowledgeable dog trainer. Rhonda has been socializing dogs and puppies since 2007. She's found and created the very best techniques to socialize and build a dog's confidence. Rhonda follows a 4 step dog training process to get your dogs socializing confidently again!

Vermont Dog Trainer Burlington


“Audra began socialization training with the same company we had the obedience class with. It was twice a month for three hours which neither of us were allowed to attend. We began to notice that Audra was getting worse around other dogs. She would lock in on another dog and pull us aggressively toward it when it was a few blocks away. We thought, “The problem will get worse before it gets better.” Then, twice in one week, Audra intentionally slipped her collar and chased after two different dogs. Though she didn’t bite either dog, she pushed and “beat up” the other dogs. We realized we needed a switch. 


Audra has transformed from a dog that made us nervous leaving our apartment for a walk to a dog that can be off leash in almost any situation because we trust her to focus and listen to us. After the Well Mannered Dog Program we are now comfortable enough and able to recognizing her body language and signals to prevent any escalation. 


She can successfully greet other dogs both on and off leash, even in large groups. Training with Rhonda has changed Audra from a dog that we were perpetually nervous about taking outside into a trusted member of the family.”


“We had been through two trainers before we were lucky enough to find Rhonda. One trainer stuck us in the hall, away from all other dogs because Thai would bark the entire class. The second trainer informed me Thai would just never be a dog who could socialize with other dogs. I was crushed to say the least.  


I went from dreading even seeing another dog to watching my dog play off leash with 10 other dogs. Rhonda offers continuing support in so many ways from her group class called Mutt Mixers and is always willing to help. Thai now has a foster sister with zero aggression toward her.” 


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