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Puppy Training

We love and know puppies! We've run privates lessons for client's with puppies since 2012, held puppy workshops for Professional Dog Trainers, run community puppy group classes, raised 5 puppies in 7 years, sold fully trained puppies to clients in Boston, Ohio and New York, and we've worked with the best puppy trainers in the United States. We continue to bring this incredible knowledge to you! Learn about our incredible programs for puppies below! 

Puppy Dog Training

Puppy Programs

We offer private lessons with your puppy at our home in Milton, VT. Some lessons can be done at your house if it's in Chittenden County but the majority are at our facility.

Vermont Dog Training
Option #1 - Private Lessons
Option #2 - Private Lessons & Puppy Pre-school

This is a mix of private lessons and our Puppy Pre-school. Puppy Pre-school is on Wednesdays from 8-8:30am thru 1-1:30pm. You can learn more about Puppy Pre-school below. Doing both privates and Puppy Pre-school is a great way to enhance your dog's social skills and training skills.

Option #3 - Puppy Pre-school with Minimal Lessons

The option of Puppy Pre-school with minimal lessons is a great choice for busy puppy parents or for puppies that need a lot of support because of increasingly fearful or aggressive behavior. It's also a great option for parents that want an extremely well trained puppy.

About Puppy Pre-school

Puppy Pre-school is a day training program for puppies with other puppies. 

Day: Wednesdays

Drop off: 8-8:30am

Pick up: 1-1:30pm

What puppies learn:


Puppies learn how to socialize with other dogs appropriately and learn how to relax around other dogs. Puppy Pre-school helps to build confident puppies that listen to other dogs and have incredible listening skills around other dogs. Your puppy will no longer be pushy with other dogs or be fearful of other dogs.

Puppies learn how to self regulate, stay out of their sympathetic nervous system and regulate their emotional state so they can fluidly move into their parasympathetic nervous system. This means less barking, jumping and flighty hyperactive behavior. Relaxation training builds resilient, calm and emotionally capable dogs that thrive in the world. Your puppy will understand how to find peace in situations that used to scare them.


Puppies learn how to to have an optimistic attitude about life. They're motivated to want to work and be with us. Mindset is all about having the right attitude! We achieve this mindset through avoiding conflict and building food, play and praise motivation.


Once puppies feel safe and have an optimistic attitude about life they excel in their obedience.  Common obedience commands we teach puppies are; come, stay, heel, place, sit and down.

Dog Training for Parents
Puppy parents need to learn the basics of how to achieve the same results we're getting at Puppy Pre-school. Parents need to understand healthy boundaries with their puppies, how to socialize them with other people and dogs, how to execute the training in a kind and motivational way and how to teach relaxation and encourage the right mindset in their puppies. Parents need to sign up for private lessons to learn how to do this.

Puppy Dog Training Vermont

How to Sign Up / Start

See the results you can achieve with your puppy in this video!


“I didn’t have any idea how to raise a puppy... Maize was quick to learn, but just would not listen... I’m ashamed to say that I was at my wits end and almost gave her away.


I didn’t have any idea how to raise a puppy. I bought a few books and a training dvd. Maize was quick to learn, but just would not listen. She made a game of not coming when called, instead running toward the road. Wouldn’t “stay”, pulled on her leash, jumped up on people, and was so hyper all the time I’m ashamed to say that I was at my wits end and almost gave her away.


The results of The Well Mannered Dog Program were extremely dramatic. I now have a puppy I can trust. Who is in control of her emotions, never pulls on her leash or jumps, and comes 100% of the time when I call. I get tons of compliments on how good a puppy she is and how well she listens. It’s hard to believe I ever considered getting rid of her. She truly is my best friend.


I was just thinking about how my roommates have parties a few times a year and I always had to lock Mazie up because she was just so crazy. If people wanted to say hi to her, I had to bring them to her and keep a hand on her collar. Otherwise she would jump and bump and just go crazy. 


Well, this year I didn’t have to do that! She hung out with us during the party, everyone enjoyed having her around to pet and play with. No jumping or bumping, and no guilt for having to lock her up! Such an awesome feeling! 


She is going to live a more fulfilling life because she gets to be involved in whatever I’m doing. She can come with me when I go places. I can trust her now. It’s just crazy to think how quickly it all changed. I can honestly say it was worth every penny.” 


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