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Prior to your first session, please fill out all the paperwork and finish all your homework below:


1. Paperwork printed, filled out and signed

Behavior Questionnaire

VDP Training Contract


Reading Dog Body Language PDF

2. Flat buckle collar (regular collar that can close) (please also bring any other collar you need to control your dog or any equipment).

3. Bring your dog in on a 6ft leash (after you have called or texted me and I have give you the OK to come inside).


4. Watch the Melting a Mountain Video

5. Fill out and bring the Melting a Mountain Workbook

6. Learn and watch – The Doggie Mediation Method – You will be receiving a separate email with an invite to The Doggie Meditation Method unless you've signed up for a Recall Program or Single Lesson (if you don’t see the email in the next hour please let us know). Go through and do all the lessons. Start practicing your Behavioral Downs today at least once a day and up to 3 times a day before we meet in person!


7. Brings lots of dog treats!!


I am looking forward to seeing you soon!



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